Cinema of the Future

How can we still talk about writing a traditional script when our writing today, everyday writing, in social media includes video links, photos, other people's comments, likes, etc.?

During the Welcome to Applied Fiction exhibition by Jean-Pierre Bekolo, you have the opportunity to experience the first writing platform of the future for filmmakers where writing is no longer separate from making. This future narrative platform allows a group of people to write a screenplay the same way they interact on social media -- with the possibility for everyone to get credited and paid for each single word they have contributed.

Introducing a film company of the future: filmmakers and writers are encouraged to register and become active participants of the writing-making process. A future narrative could make it on a big screen as well as go viral on the web, most importantly gathering viewers/readers and generating revenues.

By distributing a tiny 30 euro server to film makers around the world, we are building a new funding and production model for film. We invite attendees of the exhibition to donate or invest time, talent, Bitcoin, or diamonds. Write with us, research a new film script, or support the production with Bitcoin and follow how it is distributed across the network.

The goal is to change the way we write and make films -- getting out of the past as well as the old 12 point Courier typeface that is an imitation of typewriters. Why do we use Twitter, Facebook, and Whats App to communicate, but when it comes to presenting a film idea we move back to the last century? This platform changes the paradigm of training without funding. With this model, the training is now integrated with actual making of the film.

The installation is on display all month (Feb 11- 25) during Berlinale as part of the Welcome to Applied Fiction exhibition, in partnership with Heather A. Moore from The Shape of Things (, and Dr. David Bovill from the FutureFilm.Institute.

To participate in the scriptwriting, please email or Collaborative scriptwriting workshops will be given on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6-8pm, during the duration of the exhibition.