Film Oracle

Here we describe the physicality, and software architecture of a micro-server that we have developed for the purpose of supporting decentralised film production.

The aim here is to create a decentralised archive, which can be private, or Semi Private, for the purpose of a group of people working together.

IPFS stands for the "inter-planetary file system". IPFS is a bold attempt at evolving the Internet's infrastructure.

The archive will use the Inter-planetary File System (IPFS) to make it possible to give permanent access to these files by a group of researchers.

# Hardware

We use a Raspberry Pi 2 enclosed in a custom casing, with an optional fan, a usb wifi stick and a 128 GB SD card on second USB stick. The overall cost of the package including shipping is around $100.

# Software

This object acts as an interface between the network and the outside work, it receives data, and it broadcasts content to the local network.

# Why Oracle?

An Oracle has a special meaning in terms of decentralised governance and finance. In the world of Smart Contracts and Blockchain based governance, and oracle is the device that interacts with the outside world.

For the price of a Foxconn factory worker in Henan province of China, Chris Ellis will hand make the Bitcoin Fullnodes sold here out of freely available open source tools. He will do this live on air for as long as it takes beginning at 10am UTC on Saturday the 5th of December 2015 on the World Crypto Network.