The Federation

Here we describe the The Federation. We should use this term wisely. It describes quite clearly the social aspects of this project, while also pointing gently towards Star Trek and the future of the Decentralised Web.

What we aim at here is to begin to discuss a wider movement of software, and content producers in terms of creating a new form of Federated Commons, in which each of us takes our turn in creating, curating, and cultivating the commons.

# Podcasting Community

We are looking to create a series of channels, hosted by independent producers on topics related to concepts of the decentralisation of governance in content production.

# See also

The United Federation of Planets, abbreviated as UFP and usually referred to as "the Federation", is a fictional interstellar federal republic composed of planetary sovereignties depicted in the fictional Star Trek science fiction franchise.

Here we collect notes and ideas about how The Federation should evolve - where it is going.

As the Federation grows, as new members and more content becomes available, the value to others with commercial, or simple ill-intention becomes greater.

What sort of governance i suitable for a software project that is in many ways about decentralised architecture? How should we govern and sustain the federation?

Here we look at how we might visualise the Federation, and explore using Cytoscape to achieve a scaleable ability to visualise the network of links and in particular Network of Forks relevant to a particular writing context.

What format should we save our data, and code in the Federation? We look for the following properties and qualities for any solution we choose: